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Viticulture and ENology:
Innovation meets Tradition

Edition VI
First level specializing master
a.y. 2021-2022
Place: Piacenza
Application deadline: August 30th, 2021

Viticulture and Enology: innovation meets tradition [VENIT]

  • All exams successfully passed
  • Transmission of duly signed diary of internship by 31 October 
  • Submission of final internship report to the Coordinator by 15 November 
  • Date of final graduation event and degree award: last week of November

There are two types of transcript certificates:

  • The self-certification (i.e. unofficial transcript), which can be downloaded at any time from the student’s personal iCatt page.
    On the menu, choose the desired type of certificate.
    The most commonly requested version is “Conseguimento master”, with exams passed and scores received;  this version is accepted by public administrations throughout Italy.
  • An official certificate on Università Cattolica letterhead.
    This can be delivered in either English or Italian.
    For the official certificate, a signed request form must be given to the Master’s Office, and requires the payment of two tax stamps (marca da bollo) as well as shipping costs.
    If the certificate is required to extend the student’s permesso di soggiorno, the Master’s Office can provide a copy for the use of the Questura with the presumed graduation date.
    For graduated students, the official certificate is needed, as the new permesso di soggiorno granted would be “per motivi di lavoro

As for any VENIT Edition we will have face-to-face graduation on November 24th at 5PM at the traditional location of Vigne Olcrù with full compliance of the safety measures.

Everyone is requested to wear a mask and distancing will be mandatory.

To be able to be admitted to the final graduation, here are the requirements:

  1. By November 15 your internship diary duly signed from your internship Tutor will have to be handled to Ekaterina.
  2. By the same date, a short report of 25-30 pages (maximum) about your internship experience will have to be sent to Prof. Poni by email. Page number is comprehensive of text, tables, figures and pictures.
  3. At graduation, you will be required to provide a short talk (max 15 minutes) about your internship experience through a powerpoint (ppt) presentation. To comply with the allotted time, you should not exceed a total number of 15-20 slides. There is no score for this performance and so take it in the most relaxed way.
  4. Presentations are traditionally followed by the ceremony of diplomas’ award and closing dinner!
  5. For each graduate, one accompanying person can join.

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