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Luxury-goods Management - EMLUX

The Master in Luxury Goods Management (EMLUX) is aimed at those students who wish to carry out their career path in the luxury industry, a sector that requires both an understanding of the process of creativity and a solid managerial approach in order to succeed in an international multifaceted environment. With a concrete approach, EMLUX allows you to understand the peculiar logic and strategies of luxury companies, who master the ability to craft products desired by clients worldwide.

In order to apply to EMLUX you are required:

  • to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited University recognized by Italian law
  • to have excellent command of the English language (both oral and written)
  • and even limited writing experience can not be considered as a potential admission criteria

In terms of soft skills, the participation to EMLUX requires:

  • flexibility and  ability to embrace changes
  • adaptability to a context that is diverse: in terms of class composition
  • curiosity as EMLUX has a cross-functional perspective 
  • willingness to share your own experience and knowledge with the class and lecturers, as EMLUX is conceived as a sharing environment, where exchanging ideas and experiences enriches all participants
  • active participation as not only you will have the opportunity to be face-to-face with professionals in the industry, but the quality of your EMLUX experience will also depend on the contribution of each student to the dialogue and exchange

On mid of September 2019 EMLUX will begin its 9th edition: at a glance, these are the profiles of the classes of the last edition.

Academic background:

  • Economics and business administration 44%
  • Humanities: 26%
  • Fashion and design: 14%
  • Political Sciences & Law: 8%
  • Marketing & Comunication: 8%


Africa, Americas, Asia, Middle East, Europe


From 21 to 30

Average: 24


EMLUX, with its cross-functional perspective allows you to develop a managerial mindset, understanding all the interactions and connections among activities within the same company: we seek to meet luxury firms' requirements in the phases of selecting young talents who understand the multicultural environment of these businesses and will able to thrive complex environments.

To facilitate your entrance in the luxury world, the EMLUX program also includes classes of:

  • Italian
  • French

Please bear in mind that if you wish to obtain an internship in a company in Italy, Italian will be required.

Our program will allow you to:

  • understand the structure and dynamics of the luxury industry
  • focus on the diverse skills related to the particular operational, financial, marketing and product issues that impact strategic and business decisions in the luxury industry;
  • start developing the skills and knowledge necessary for your project of developing a career in the luxury industry.

EMLUX will expose you to the direct interaction with managers of the industry and will organize meetings in class with HR managers from companies.

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