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User Experience Psychology UxP

Edition I

First level specializing master

User Experience Psychology-UxP


The specializing master in User Experience Psychology-UxP trains students to develop the skills and competences for designing, developing and evaluating easy, efficient and engaging experiences for the user, by adopting a unique interdisciplinary perspective that combines in-depth technical and psychological knowledge.

A joint initiative of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Politecnico of Milano, POLI.design, the specializing master aims at forming professionals able to create and assess digital experiences across a range of platforms and in a wide spectrum of industrial domains, drawing on cutting-edge research and leading international experts in the field.

Class start & Campus

Duration & Structure

1 year

3 days a week 

9.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m.

Taught in


Number of participants




 Applicants holding a Bachelor Degree in Social and human sciences, design, engineering, architecture and economics should follow the indications provided below.
Applicants not graduated can apply if the Bachelor Degree will be obtained by March/April 2021.

Professional Paths

The goal of the training is to form professionals who are able to combine high-level competences in design (research, prototyping, conceptual development and evaluation) and the psychological ability of understanding user’s needs and expectations.

A joint initiative with

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