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Data Science for Management

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First level specializing master


Data Science for Management


The Data Science for Management Master is a first-level international Master that offers students a comprehensive training, from a problem-solving perspective, in computational and statistical methods for management. The broad goal is to empower students to become Digital Data Managers, a rapidly expanding and highly rewarding job which takes advantage of the ongoing digital revolution.


The Master in Data Science for Management relies on an extensive network of companies and institutions that participate to the project providing teaching, case studies, mentoring and internship opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

Students will acquire solid computational and statistical skills to tackle real business problems. The program covers eight core courses (structured in lectures, labs and seminars) that include statistical modelling, data mining, digital management, as well as data management and coding.

Learning by-doing

Following the second term, students are presented with a variety of internship opportunities, typically with a partner company. Usually the internship lasts four months, and provides a unique opportunity to enhance student’s learning, technical skills, as well as team working. If successfully completed, the internship may lead to a job offer; it also represents a valuable experience when searching for a job.


The Faculty members of the Master Program are acclaimed professors affiliated with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore as well as expert practitioners from business and industry.


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  • Bachelor or Master of Science degree in any of the following fields: Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Management, Mathematics, Statistics, Physical Sciences. Alternative degrees may be considered under specific circumstances
  • Students preparing for a Bachelor’s degree or Master's degree to be achieved by the last session of 2019/2020 a.y. (by March/April, 2021)
  • Excellent command of the English language

Professional Paths

  • Data analyst
  • Business analytics manager

Jobs are available in a variety of companies, banks, financial groups, insurance companies, consulting firms, local and central government  institutions.

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