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Corporate Communication

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First level specializing master

Corporate Communication

Classes begin the October 22nd 2020 and run until May 2021. Classes run from Monday to Friday, 5 hours per day, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.. IPMCC activities are also scheduled in the afternoon. In order to obtain the degree you must attend at least 80% of the classes in each module.

At the end of the Master students will be involved in real consultancy projects, for which they will have full responsibility to deliver a business solution to communication and branding issues. These projects are a real and direct bridge with potential employers.

Consultancy projects usually last until the end of July, 2021.

The closing ceremony is expected at the beginning of November, 2021.


Assessment and Diploma

To obtain the diploma students are required to: attend classes (at least 80% in each module); pass successfully all the exams, participate in experiencing activities such as the Master WhiteNights and the creativity lab; and successfully conduct a consultancy field project.

Please note that exact timetable will be provided approximately before the beginning of each module (mid September, mid December, and March) before the start of the classes.




Face-to-face classes

October 2020 – May, 2021

Creativity Lab

March, 2021

Consultancy field project / Internship

Consultancy field projects: May, 2021 – July, 2021 Internships: From June, 2021

Graduation day

Early November, 2021

The Master is aimed at developing Excellence in communication and centered around four training steps:

Enriching: a blend of corporate communication, branding, soft and language skill classes, meant to set the foundation of the profession and to offer an overview of the disciplines which inform the practice

Empowering: a deep focus on every professional facet of communication and branding such as strategic planning, account, creativity, media planning, social media conversations, retail experience, and consumer behavior aimed at nurturing the distinctive competences of the profession and challenging and sharpening the critical abilities to manage communication

Enhancing: an eye on specialty areas in communication practice, namely B-to-B relations, internal issues and crisis communication, and event management to refine students’ communication skills and explore more options for the future of the profession

Experiencing: an ongoing and exciting menu of field activities that provides further practice-based activation and networking opportunity such as white nights in an agency setting, creativity lab, empowerment workshops, inspirational talks, and consultancy projects.

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