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The art of industry of narration: from literature to cinema and tv

This course is intended to culturally prepare students and to give them important and basic professional skills for all the different jobs that are related with the creation and editing, publication, distribution of narrative content in its various forms: literature, comics, animation, TV series, cinema and all the other different forms that use story-telling as a tool of communication. The course also has a special focus on the creation of contents for kids and animation.

The aim of the course is, on the one side, to give a strong foundation in English and American culture and literature, both having worldwide diffusion in contemporary society, and, on the other, to furnish some important basic tools in highly specific areas like writing for cinema and television, the industry of publishing, the history and production of animation, literature and TV series for kids.

Lingue, letterature e culture straniere

The programme in The art and industry of narration: from literature to cinema and tv, entirely taught in English, is a curricula of the graduate programme in Lingue, letterature e culture straniere



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