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The art and industry of narration: from literature to cinema and tv

This course is intended to culturally prepare students and to give them important and basic professional skills for all the different jobs that are related with the creation and editing, publication, distribution of narrative content in its various forms: literature, comics, animation, TV series, cinema and all the other different forms that use story-telling as a tool of communication. The course also has a special focus on the creation of contents for kids and animation.

Lingue, letterature e culture straniere

The programme in The art and industry of narration: from literature to cinema and tv, entirely taught in English, is a curricula of the graduate programme in Lingue, letterature e culture straniere

Planning of educational activities first semester a.y. 2020/21

For the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, the teaching activities for the Master's Degree Programme in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (category: LM-37 Modern European and American Languages and Literatures) will be delivered as described here. They are oriented towards reaching the programme objectives and support language learning, interaction between students and professors/instructors and interaction between students themselves. These modes of delivery come within the Digitally Augmented Education - #eCatt project and will make it possible for all students to participate in teaching/learning activities even when they are unable to physically attend lessons on campus. This will be carried out through the use the Blackboard platform in particular, and with the addition of other tools, e.g. Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex etc.

The Master's Degree Programme in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LM-37) is offered through courses and practical sessions related to the various languages and specific courses related to the different tracks (Languages, Literatures and Cultures of Europe and America; Linguistic, Terminologies and Text Typologies Sciences; the Art and Industry of Narration - from Literature to Cinema and TV).
All courses and practical sessions will be conducted in line with the scheduled timetables, with priority given to interaction through synchronous delivery (with video-recordings being made of sessions/lectures). Scheduled times must also be adhered to for asynchronous delivery mode (video-recording only) which is to be understood as an exception to the normal mode of delivery.
Courses and practical language sessions, which involve special focus on interaction between teacher and students, will be delivered via dual mode (for no less than 40% of the programme hours) and online interactive lectures. Classes delivered via dual mode allow for limited numbers of students to be physically present in the lecture room, in line with current regulations on social distancing, and for the classes/practical sessions to be live-streamed. Online interactive lectures allow for students to attend synchronous classes remotely. For both modes of delivery, all synchronous classes and practical sessions will be recorded and then be accessible via the Blackboard platform.
With regard to specific courses related to the different tracks, modes of delivery will differ according to the specific content of the track. Dual delivery mode and online interactive lectures will be used depending on the course objectives. All classes will be recorded and be accessible via the Blackboard platform.
Social distancing will be enforced for students physically attending lessons on campus. There will be a limit to the number of students who can be in the lecture room at the same time so a shift system will be used. Students should use the dedicated app to reserve their place.
Practical sessions not pertaining to languages and literatures courses will be delivered synchronously and remotely.
Until further regulations are issued, office hours, course exams, final exams, reception of newly enrolled students and placement tests will take place synchronously and remotely.

Programme Coordinators
Maria Cristina Gatti and Amanda Clare Murphy


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