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Admission Procedure - a.y. 2021/22

Admission Procedure for academic year 2021/22 are online

Guidelines and admission criteria

The Undergraduate program in Psychology at Università Cattolica is a three-year degree focusing on an interdisciplinary knowledge of the basic and innovative issues of the psychology discipline.

The psychology tradition in our University stands upon the century-long experience in research and teaching and incorporates the newest innovations in the field. Our approach embraces multidisciplinary visions on psychological theories, methods, and techniques.

Scienze e tecniche psicologiche

The programme in Psychology, entirely taught in English, is a curricula of the undergraduate programme in Scienze e tecniche psicologiche (Psychological sciences and techniques)

The Undergraduate program in Psychology

Planning of educational activities first semester a.y. 2020/21

Since we cannot be sure of what regulations will be in place for the 2020-2021 academic year as regards protective measures for Covid-19, the Faculty of Psychology has developed a plan for classes and course activities for the next two semesters so that you will be able to achieve your learning outcomes whatever the scenario we find ourselves in.
Traditional lessons are included in the plan for the second semester but excluded for the first semester. Apart from these classes, four types of course delivery are in place.

  1. CLASSES IN LECTURE ROOMS: Professors/instructors hold classes in lecture rooms and students can attend; other students will follow the class remotely in real time and will be able to interact via the chat facility. The classes will be recorded and all students will be able to access the video afterwards at any time.
  2. WEBINARS: Professors/instructors hold classes online and students can follow them from home and put forward questions or comments. Again, classes are recorded and students can review them as they please.
  3. PRE-RECORDED LECTURES: Professors/instructors pre-record lectures which can be watched from home at any time. Sessions will be held at least once a week for online interaction with students.
  4. REMOTE STUDYING: Professors/instructors provide students with study materials and set individual or group assignments to be carried out remotely. These assignments will be documented and commented on via the course platform. Professors/instructors will hold sessions for online interaction with their students at least once a week.

The choice of delivery type for each course will be based on course objectives, contents and teaching metholodology and care will be taken to create a balanced mix for each course. Work is being undertaken to set up a weekly study calendar so that you can clearly see what you need to do and can organize your studies.

All teaching/learning activities will take place in compliance with national, regional and university guidelines on the safeguarding of the health of students, professors/instructors, and technical and administrative staff.

Apart from exams, which will be organised remotely if necessary (either orally or written depending on the course), for some courses continuous assessment will be used, so long as all teaching/learning activities have been completed.

It is important to emphasise that in planning the 2020-2021 academic year we have not simply ‘adapted’ our previous approach: rather, our approach is to relaunch and innovate inasmuch as we see the situation as an opportunity to develop a number of skills and abilities that are important in students’ learning e.g. flexibility self-organisation, management of different knowledge formats, operating during complex situations and during change etc. It is also important to ensure an educational alliance based on explicit course objectives, clarity in the teaching/learning path, and personalisation of the relationship with students. Finally, the Faculty will enhance the quality of the university experience by organising a series of opportunities for cultural enrichment and social meetings, in whatever ways that can be used, so that students' intellectual horizons are broadened and their sense of belonging to the academic community is strengthened.

Whatever the conditions we will be able to operate in during the coming academic year, we trust that you are assured that your teaching/learning path will meet your expectations.

Alessandro Antonietti


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