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The Master of science in Management is a two-year program designed for students who strive for playing an active role in managerial processes typical of global companies.

The program provides a challenging training in the key areas of management and business administration in global contexts. A major strength of the program is the combination of strong analytical foundation and applications to real-world issues. Students learn to integrate international management and innovation issues, as well as industry and economy-wide competences for understanding global changing organizations. Several teaching methods are used, including group project works, case studies, role-plays, and simulations.

Entirely taught in English, Master of science in Management provides students with a unique learning experience, within a diverse and multicultural environment. The teaching calendar is organized in three quarters (Fall, Winter and Spring terms).

Applicants who are non-native speakers of English must provide evidence of English language proficiency. For any further information refer to the graduate program website. Attendance is strongly recommended.


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