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International Relations and Global Affairs - IRGA

Are you interested in learning about different societies, cultural traditions, and institutions around the world? Do you wonder why some countries are wealthier than others? Why some are in peace and others at war? Are you interested in learning how international disputes may be peacefully resolved? Would you like to understand how different regional civilizations have evolved, and how these characteristics continue to affect societies today? The Undergraduate programme in International Relations and Global Affairs (IRGA) is a unique programme addressing these topics. Combining history and political science, economics and law, sociology and psychology, the programme provides a coherent interdisciplinary curriculum that allows students to develop their understanding of how people, groups, countries, and international organizations interact in different parts of the world.

Scienze politiche e delle relazioni internazionali

The programme in International relations and global affairs, entirely taught in English, is a curriculum of the undergraduate programme in Scienze politiche e delle relazioni internazionali.
The curriculum is coordinated by Mario Maggioni

Planning of educational activities first semester a.y. 2020/21

Dear IRGA Students,
for the first term of the next academic year (October-December 2020), all the Degree Courses of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences will adopt a didactic model that will allow students to attend lectures, classes and other didactic activities in presence or remotely on line (either on live streaming or through video-recorded lectures).
The supporting teaching material (notes, slides, and other accompanying materials) will be made available through the Blackboard platform. Constant interaction with lecturers will be guaranteed during the lessons in presence or in live streaming, and also during office hours (in presence or online in compliance with the safety norms).
The IRGA lectures will take place mainly in presence in the classrooms (with the lectures being also streamed) and, for a minority of courses, only  online through live streaming or video-recorded lectures (there will also be a small number of lecturers who have organized their lecture as a mixed of lectures in class and  lectures online)  .
The face-to-face lessons will be scheduled from 10.30 until 16.30, to allow students to use public transports off peak hours.
Information on the scheduled time-table for the first semester, subject to minor adjustments, are available at this link (updated on 29/09/2020).
All lectures will be streamed for students who are at home and, in the following days, their recording will be made available on the Blackboard page of each course.
Thanks to the new digital tools made available by the University, interaction will also be allowed to students who will attend lectures from their place through audiovisual mode or via chat.
Access to the venue for lessons and other University services will be regulated through a specific App integrated into the ICatt platform; each student will receive detailed information about the possibility of participating in the activities offered throughout the day on the basis of his/her belonging to a pre-defined group (for example, based on their surname initial).
Access will be set on a daily basis, guaranteeing each student one or more presences during the week, depending on the expected health and safety conditions. There will also be the possibility of booking seats that were not claimed so to make attendance even more frequent.
In order to reduce, as far as possible, students’ transfer between buildings, all teaching activities of the same day will be concentrated in one or few classrooms.
Lessons that will be performed asynchronously (video-recorded) will also be made available on the course Blackboard page. Also for these lectures, frequent live moments will be guaranteed, with or without the presence of students in the classroom, especially for special focus and question and answer sessions.
Exams and Final Tests will take place in presence (if the general conditions will allow it), and/or remotely. Mixed formulas will also be possible, with some students present in the classroom with the teachers and other students - possibly unable to be present – remotely (special precautions will be put in place so to avoid any “strategic decisions” when choosing the exam modality). For at least the entire first half of the year, the possibility of taking the exams remotely will be guaranteed to those students who chose to stay at home for the first term.
If the limitations deriving from the health emergency persist for the second semester, the modalities identified here for the first semester will be extended to the entire academic year.
Through the university website (www.unicatt.it), ICatt and your @icatt email, all students will be constantly updated on the evolution of teaching activities, hence make sure you constantly check them.
On September the 18th, a “Welcome Day” for freshmen (at 10.00 a.m. CET), and a “Welcome back day” for all other students (at 11.30 a.m. CET) is scheduled. Both events, which will be offered online, are designed to present the organizational and didactic methods in greater detail and to answer any students' questions.

FAQs on coming back to Università Cattolica

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