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Innovation and technology management

Innovation and technology management

Coordinator Annalisa Tunisini talks about the programme

The Faculty of Economics in partnership with the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences offers the Master of science in Innovation and Technology Management.

Course aims

The Master of Science in Innovation and Technology Management is a two-year program designed for students who want to develop multidisciplinary skills suited to the new business contexts generated by the innovations that accompany the so-called Industry 4.0.

There is a revolution that invests both providers and users of technologies and infrastructures. The program wants to create flexible professional profiles capable of understanding the potential of product and process technologies and generating new market spaces and new business opportunities.

The student can choose between two paths: the Innovation process management path offers an overall view of organizational processes and the innovation processes affecting them; it is for students aiming at working in managerial roles demanding a macro-perspective to the company’s transformation.

The Entrepreneurship path provides the entrepreneurial, financial and marketing knowledge that support the ability of enhancing innovation and marketing such innovation; it is for students interested in acquiring entrepreneurial attitudes and promoting innovation in small and mid-sized enterprises.


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