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Food processing: innovation and tradition

Food processing: innovation and tradition

Coordinator Lorenzo Morelli talks about the programme

Course aims and intended learning outcomes

The aim of the graduate programme in Food Processing: Innovation and Tradition, is to generate new food products, in the wake of the Made in Italy tradition and with special attention to the new needs of Italian and international consumers.

This new programme, taught in English, begins with the very strong technological tradition that distinguishes Italian food production, by interpreting its development in the light of climate change, changes in consumer tastes and new lifestyles, which are driving the agri-food processing market to rethink and refocus food production.

The ambition of this programme is to create a leadership that is able to work in a global scenario, in terms of food processing and of marketing and positioning processes of food on foreign markets.

The programme is also part of a double degree programme with the ISARA University of Lyon.

Planning of educational activities first semester a.y. 2020/21

The Faculty teaches courses in two ways: though lectures and practical sessions. Lectures are held in the lecture halls and may include seminars presented by experts, with professors/instructors present. The practical sessions are held in the classroom, in a laboratory or in the field, and they may also include guided tours of businesses outside the University.

The Faculty offers three programmes taught entirely in English – one undergraduate and two graduate degree programmes – so all communications are issued in both Italian and English.

For the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year, the teaching activities of the Faculty will follow the general policies of Università Cattolica.

The Faculty will use a dual mode of teaching as the principle method of course delivery; classes will be held in the lecture hall and can also be accessed via live streaming. Lessons will also be recorded and be subsequently accessible on the Blackboard platform in order meet the needs of students who for any reason cannot follow the lectures in real time.

All the classes in lecture halls at the Piacenza campus are guaranteed to be held without the need to use rotas. Since Cremona is a new venue, the timetabling of lecture rooms is not yet confirmed, but the aim of the Faculty is to guarantee classes in lecture halls for all students without using rotas.

Some courses, such as English language, ICT and a few others, will be taught in the form of online interactive lectures; recorded versions will always be available. Any lessons that have to be suspended (no more than 20%) will be recorded and accessible on the Blackboard platform.

The laboratory and workshop sessions will all be carried out on site with a rota for attendance, while practical sessions in lecture halls will either be delivered in dual mode or as online interactive lectures. Field activities and external visits will still be offered, although some may be replaced by webinars.

Course and final examinations will be held on campus where conditions allow this, or otherwise remotely. Dual mode exam sessions will also be possible, with some students attending on campus with the lecturers and other students connected by video link.

Students will be able to access classes remotely throughout the academic year, whatever changes may be made to public health regulations.

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