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Economia aziendale

The International management profile focuses on training managerial-level professionals within international contexts and allows students to access the Double Degree project

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Programme curriculum

The courses indicated below, and the credits assigned to each one, are an initial overview of the subjects that constitute the degree programme. The modules are an example of the typical curriculum but they may be reviewed before courses start.

The official programme will be published in the relevant Faculty handbook and on the University website.

First Year

  • Introduction to Management (in English) 7 CFU/ECTS
  • Financial accounting (in English) 8 CFU/ECTS
  • Istituzioni di diritto privato (6 CFU/ECTS)
  • Marketing 10 CFU/ECTS
    - Modulo 1 Marketing strategico (5 CFU/ECTS)
    - Modulo 2 Marketing operativo (5 CFU/ECTS)
  • Matematica generale 8 CFU/ECTS
  • Microeconomics (in English) 10 CFU/ECTS
    - Module Consumer behaviour and firm strategy (5 CFU/ECTS)
    - Module Market structures and policy implications (5 CFU/ECTS)
  • Organizzazione d’impresa 5 CFU/ECTS
  • Personal development (*) (partially in English) 5 CFU/ECTS
  • English for International Business 5 CFU/ECTS

(*) Gli studenti saranno suddivisi in base all’ordine alfabetico in due gruppi.

Second Year

Financial statement analysis and managerial accounting (in English) 12 CFU/ECTS
- Modulo 1 Financial statement analysis (6 CFU/ECTS)
- Modulo 2 Managerial accounting (6 CFU/ECTS)

Finanza aziendale 10 CFU/ECTS
- Modulo 1 Capital budgeting (5 CFU/ECTS)
- Modulo 2 Scelte di finanziamento (5 CFU/ECTS)

Macroeconomics for business (in English) 7 CFU/ECTS

Statistics (in English) 8 CFU/ECTS

Stage (**) 15 CFU/ECTS

Seconda lingua a scelta tra: 2 CFU/ECTS
- Lingua francese (B1)
- Lingua spagnola (B1)
- Lingua tedesca (B1)
- Lingua olandese

Third Year

  • International Business Law (in English) 12 CFU/ECTS
  • Economia del lavoro 5 CFU/ECTS
  • Logistica e supply chain management 5 CFU/ECTS
  • Introduction to data science (in English) 6 CFU/ECTS
  • European economic policy and institutions (in English) 12 CFU/ECTS
  • Strategia aziendale 5 CFU/ECTS
  • Esami a scelta 10 CFU/ECTS
  • Prova finale 5 CFU/ECTS


(**) for selected Double Degree students. For all other students:

  • Management delle amministrazioni pubbliche 5 CFU/ECTS
  • Management of Italian excellence: seminars (in English) 3 CFU/ECTS.
  • Diritto commerciale 5 CFU/ECTS

Theology Seminars

All degree-seeking students are required to attend theology teachings aimed at offering a reasoned and critical knowledge of the Christian message.

The programme is spread over three years, for three hours per week (for a total of twelve weeks), and is divided into the following themes:

✔ I year: Fundamentals of Christology faith and the Holy Scripture;
✔ II year: Introduction to Theological Anthropology and Ecclesiology;
✔ III year: Introduction to Ethics and Christian Ethics.

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