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Food production management

Curricula published here (and credits assigned to each teaching) could be subject to change; the definitive ones will be published in the official Faculty guide.

The three years program in Economics and in Management are aimed at offering the students a learning experience according to the most diffused International standards. The English-taught classes enables us to recruit students from different countries. A diverse and multicultural classes will enrich the students’ learning process. Classes are taught by teachers (professors, lecturers) with a strong academic background, most of whom record teaching and research experience in some of the world’s best universities.

The teaching calendar is organized in three quarters (Fall, Winter and Spring terms).

Courses in study plan

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Study plans for all programmes include attendance of Theology courses, which provide the opportunity to acquire awareness and complete knowledge of the core of the Catholic faith. The programme of courses covers three years, each year made up of three hours per week for twelve weeks with course content arranged as follows:

  • Year One: Introduction to Christology and Scriptures;
  • Year Two: Introduction to Theological Anthropology and Ecclesiology;
  • Year Three: Introduction to Ethics and Christian Ethics
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