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Innovation and technology management

Curricula published here could be subject to change; the final ones will be published in the official Faculty guide. Courses characterizing the Graduate Degree in Innovation and technology management will be activated according to students’choices.

First year

It coding, tools and security - 8 ects

One elective course among:
Global challenges and firm strategies, Economics of innovation - 8 ects

Two elective courses among:
Omnichannel management, Organizing and leading change, Management control systems and performance measurement, Project and people management - 16 ects

Materials physics and technologies (8 ects) + Lab. Technologies in action (4 ects)

Intellectual property and labour law - 8 ects

One elective course among:
History of innovation, Privacy and security, Cross-cultural negotiation, Work psychology and smart working - 8 ects

Second year

Applied statistics for business analytics - 8 ects

Elective courses (1) - 8 ects

Choose one curriculum between the following two:

  • Innovation process management
  • Entrepreneurship

Curriculum Innovation process management


Strategic supply chain management - 8 ects

Finance and risk management - 8 ects

Strategies for emerging technologies - 8 ects

Internship or Innovation process management - 8 or 4 ects

Individual project work (2) - 12 or 16 ects

Curriculum Entrepreneurship


Design thinking and Start-up launch - 8 ects

Project financing and open innovation - 8 ects

Marketing innovation - 8 ects

Internship or Entrepreneurship Lab - 8 or 4 ects

Individual project work (2) - 12 or 16 ects


(1) Elective courses list
One exam among the following (if not already chosen):
History of innovation; Cross-cultural negotiation; Work psychology and smart working; Privacy and security; Global challenges and firm strategies; Economics of innovation; Omnichannel management; Organizing and leading change; Management control systems and performance measurement; Project and people management

(2) Credits assigned to Individual project work depend on students’ choice: if students have an internship experience (8 ects), the individual project work corresponds to 12 ects; in case students attend a lab (4 ects), the Individual project work corresponds to 16 ects

All degree-seeking students are required to attend theology teachings aimed at offering a reasoned and critical knowledge of the Christian message.

Graduate students will have to attend a seminar and/or theological monographic lectures only for a total of 30 hours. Teachings will focus on topics inherent to the student’s curriculum and will be subject to a final short essay or a conversation with the Theology professor.

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