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Agricultural and food economics

The school. The course is organised in the context of the SMEA Graduate School of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC). The School has more than 30 years of experience in graduate education in the field of agricultural and food economics and business. It is part of the Graduate School's System of UCSC, a recognition of the institute's excellence in university education.

The method. You will experience an intensive teaching activity with active in-class participation, a direct interaction with the faculty members, and a constant relationships with academics, companies, and stakeholders of the agricultural and food supply chain.

The University network. The MSc also promotes a study experience at a foreign university within the UCSC network. Selected students can spend one or two semesters of the second year of the MSc at a partner university in Europe or North America. Currently the destinations open to the MSc SMEA students are: Wageningen University (the Netherlands), the Technical University of Munich (Germany), the North Dakota State University (USA), the University of Connecticut (USA), the Iowa State University (USA), the University of California at Davis (USA).

The uniqueness. The MSc in Agricultural and Food Economics at UCSC is the only Italian MSc programme in the agri-business area entirely taught in English.

The certification. The MSc in Agricultural and Food Economics is the first and only master degree in Italy certified by ASFOR (the Italian Association for Management Education Development) in the category “Master of Science in Business & Management”. This prestigious recognition, awarded in June 2012, acknowledges SMEA graduate school’s performance in shaping talents to take on the challenges of the Italian and international agri-food systems.

The results.
The school, the method, the university network, together with motivation and commitment of the student, help to obtain good academic results and a strong position in the job market

The whole program of the MSc in Agricultural and Food Economics is taught in English

Knowing English is important, not only for an easier study of the MSc courses, but also to seize the best job opportunities that the market can offer.

Students of the MSc will be offered opportunities to improve their language skills. One course is specifically targeted to the IELTS test, required by SMEA and other educational institutions world-wide for international students who wish to attend a study period abroad.

The Double Degree at the Wageningen University (The Netherlands)

Double Degree with Wageningen University

The Double Degree is an agreement between SMEA and the Wageningen University (The Netherlands) that gives both students of the Master of Science in Agricultural and Food Economics at UCSC and students of the Master in Management, Economics and Consumer Studies at Wageningen University, the chance to attend the second year of their course at the partner University.

Thanks to the mutual recognition of ECTS credits and a thesis supervised by professors from both universities, students participating in the Double Degree will receive both degrees.

The aim of the Double Degree is to pursue the objectives of the two courses, which are both targeted to prepare professionals for the agricultural and food sector, giving students a strong international background.

Admission to the programme is based on merit and knowledge of English, an essential tool to be able to follow courses held in both universities.

For each academic year a maximum of 3 students can enter the programme.

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