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Economics and management

Admission Procedure - a.y. 2021/22

Applicants who are non-native English speakers must provide evidence of English language proficiency. Admission to is conditional upon an entry test (only for students holding an Italian diploma).

Language certificates valid for the admission tests to the degree courses for the Faculty of Economics a.y. 2021/22

For students holding an International diploma, please send an email to international.inquiry@unicatt.it or visit international.unicatt.it

See the the Admission Procedure for the undergraduate degree programmes at the Faculty of Economics for info on the enrolment, the admission test, transfers and other useful information for candidates.


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The written test consists of 48 questions divided into 4 disciplines: mathematics, logic, English and text comprehension.

To help you prepare for the test please find: a demo of the written test and a Syllabus of basic concepts that will be part of the maths test.

The online “Teorema” maths pre-course is available to help you prepare for the test and can be accessed via any browser. We recommend you focus mainly on the "Theorema" modules which will be tested.

To use “Teorema” all you need is a valid e-mail address to register at https://elearning.teorema.cineca.it/login/index.php. Just enter the following code in capital letters: 123Teorema.
Having successfully completed the two-step registration procedure (the registration request and its confirmation) you will receive a confirmation message containing the instructions for access to the “Teorema” pre-course.

Periodo per l’iscrizione alla prova di ammissione

Data prova di ammissione


30 novembre 2020* - 25 gennaio 2021

4, 5 e 6 febbraio 2021


01 marzo 2021 - 06 aprile 2021

16, 17, 19 e 20 aprile 2021


31 maggio 2021 - 08 luglio 2021

21, 22 e 23 luglio 2021


*Se hai una carriera universitaria in corso, interrotta o conclusa puoi iscriverti alla prima sessione di prove a partire dal l’8 gennaio 2021


Online exercise led by Researchers from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Mathematical Finance and Econometrics.

You are advised to complete the demo test and then proceed to the video.

Simulation I - Mathematics I
Simulation II - Mathematics II

Comprehension - Keys
English - Keys
Logic - Keys
Mathematics - Keys


Comprehension - Keys
English - Keys
Logic - Keys
Mathematics - Keys

Tuition and university fees

Scholarships and financial support

Internal or external transfers, second degrees

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